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Elm Tree House
, situated at 233 Domain Road, South Yarra, was built in 1857 for William Macredie who was a pioneer in the Australian Life Assurance business. He lived in the house until his death in 1891.

The house remained in the Macredie family until 1920 when it passed into the Estate of Harry Emmerton who was a prominent solicitor. His daughter, who became Dame Mable Brookes, lived at Elm Tree House and it was here that she entertained then US President Lyndon B. Johnson when he visited Melbourne in 1966.

The elaborate gate pillars with the decorative pineapples signify good fortune to the household. Although the house has been significantly altered, it remains one of the earliest homes in the area.

The Italian Government purchased Elm Tree House in 1974 and the Italian Cultural Institute moved here from its previous location at 947 Punt Road.

Previous Directors include:

Dott. Vittorio Politi
Dott. Alberto Sorani
Dott. Andrea Tossi
Dott. Angelo Maddaloni
Dott. Achille Ribechi
Dott. Carlo Coen
Dott. Giulio Molisani
Dott. Ostelio Remi
Dott. Giorgio Campanaro
Dott.ssa Simonetta Magnani
Dott. Stefano Fossati
Dott.ssa Lina Panetta
Dott.ssa Laura Napolitano