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Inspiring video-performances to promote the most creative and vital Italy and raise the spirits of everyone around the world in the days of the Coronavirus: 

Andrea Bocelli, Uto Ughi, Tiziano Ferro, Paolo Fresu, Ada Montellanico, Nek, Andrea Griminelli, Rita Marcotulli, Fabrizio Bosso and many others have joined the campaign # WeAreItaly #StayTunedOnIt, launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and created video messages to spread abroad the invitation to stay connected with the world of Italian culture.


Rita Marcotulli
From her home in Rome, the Italian pianist and composer plays for us a piece inspired by Guglielmo Marconi: “the invisible road”. Look at her fingers moving fast and softly on the piano keyboard.


Andrea Bocelli
L'amato tenore canta l'inno italiano facendo risuonare le note e il testo di Mameli dal pianoforte della sua dimora al resto del mondo. Featuring: Pallina


Tiziano Ferro
A moving message from a very special friend. To all of you from Tiziano Ferro.


Paolo Fresu
How many times have you caught yourself humming "Volare"? Today, everywhere in the globe, you can do it accompanied by the world-famous jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu.


Uto Ughi
Il maestro Uto Ughi ci apre le porte di casa sua e ci trasporta lontano con le note del suo violino. Un dono prezioso per chi ama la musica.


Ada Montellanico
Una delle voci più eleganti del jazz italiano ci regala una perla di Luigi Tenco. Da non perdere.


Paolo Damiani
Direttore d'orchestra, contrabbassista, violoncellista e compositore, Paolo Damiani ci omaggia di una bellissima composizione. La campagna #WeAreItaly ora ha anche una colonna sonora originale!


Nicola Piovani
With the notes of the "Life is Beautiful" Soundtrack, the oscar award winner Nicola Piovani shares with us his message of hope.


From his home in Emilia Romagna, Nek gives us a taste of a world-famous tune: the Italian, by Toto Cutugno.


Fabrizio Bosso
The talented trumpet player pays tribute to Rome, our capital city with “Roma nun fa’ la stupida stasera”.


Silvia Bolognesi
Follow Silvia Bolognesi’s advice to study, compose and share music to keep your inner balance, especially in trying times like the ones we are living.


Francesco Bearzatti
Bearzatti’s sax recalls the arrival of spring, accompanied by the chirps from his courtyard.


Teatro delle Albe
The actress Ermanna Montanari and the playwright Marco Martinelli read the Divine Comedy for the first edition of “Dantedì – Dante-day”, the national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri. Ermanna recites the famous verses from Canto XXXIII of Hell, which tells the story of Count Ugolino, while the voice of Marco is entrusted with the story of Brunetto Latini, from Canto XV of Hell.


Sandro Veronesi
The writer honors the memory of Alberto Arbasino, one of the masters of Italian literature, in this video recorded on the day of his death. At the end of the Fifties, a young Italian landed in New York: it is the first page of the book "America love" (Adelphi Editions), read for you by Sandro Veronesi.

Mario Brunello
The famous cellist plays an ancient Armenian melody that has been traveling through the centuries, bearing a message of hope for our future. Thank you Maestro!

Claudio Magris
In these trying times, we can rely on the words of one of our most distinguished intellectuals. Claudio Magris shares with us all his feelings: disorientation, of course; but also the awareness of a new and strong Italian pride.

Nina Zilli
The warm voice of the singer, songwriter and radio presenter Nina Zilli embraces all of you performing this classic song by Domenico Modugno.

Giovanni Falcone

The Italian jazz trumpet player pays homage to a wonderful song written by Sergio Endrigo: Io che amo solo te. Don’t miss it!