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Here are the dates for the Afternoon session of the 2020 Bookclub



Here are the dates for the Afternoon session of the 2020 Bookclub

bookclub pomeridiano

*** The Bookclub is currrently being held online, until further notice.

Italian Cultural Institute Book Club for 2020 - AFTERNOON SESSION!

Each year American, Australian and British publishers choose just a handful of Italian novels for translation. The majority of those novels are written by men. This Book club aims to offer space and time to readers so that they can discover some of Italy's outstanding female writers.

Many people, whether they are Italian enthusiasts or not, will have heard of Elena Ferrante. But have you heard of Francesca Melandri, Francesca Marciano, Michela Murgia or Milena Agus?

The Italian Cultural Institute chose to make Italian women writers the theme of the bookclub in 2019 and in 2020 we will repeat the programme in a different timeslot.

Here is what people have said about this bookclub:

"Book club has offered more than a space to discuss Italian literature and meet like minded Italian loving has been a rare opportunity to live for a while in a diversity of Italian worlds...whether this is through crime in modern day Florence, through the impact of an affair in Sardinia in 1943 or through the life of a Benedictine nun in Naples in has been an exposure to the richness as well as the harshness of Italian life while enjoying un bicchiere di vino rosso. Fantastico!" (JB, bookclub member since 2018)

"Bookclub was fabulous - I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and knowledge about books, authors and publishing in general. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Italy, a good book and an opportunity for a robust discussion with a glass of wine!" (JC, bookclub member since 2018)

The dates for 2020: Thursday, 1.00pm - 2.30pm

Feb 27 - March 26 - April 30 - May 28 - June 25 - July 23 - (No date in August) - September 24 - October 29


Books are not included but they are available to borrow for free from our library or from many of Melbourne's great libraries!

Full price $160

IIC members $125

To enrol you can either send an email to: or you can download the enrolment form by clicking on this link.

The books:

If you accept to join the book club, be aware that you are going to be taken on an adventure. From Northern Italy, through Naples and Sardinia and Puglia.

Finding the books may not always be straightforward but at the very least, they are all available in ebook version or for borrowing from the Italian Institute's wonderful library.

EVA SLEEPS: Francesca Melandri


THE ALMOND-PICKER: Simonetta Agnello Hornby

ACCABADORA: Michela Murgia

FOR GRACE RECEIVED: Valeria Parrella

A GIRL RETURNED: Donatella di Pietrantonio


CASA ROSSA: Francesc Marciano

By clicking here you can download the programme in pdf format.

The Language:

The book club will be held in English but the books can be read in English or in the original Italian, depending on your personal preference.

Book Club Facilitator:

Kylie Doust, Italian studies specialist and ex-literary agent for many of Italy’s most successful authors, will guide your discussions at the book club sessions, helping you to unravel the themes of Italian contemporary fiction.


If you are interested in the evening session of the bookclub, please click here and follow the link.




Date: Da Thursday, February 27, 2020 a Thursday, October 29, 2020

Time: From 1:00 pm To 2:30 pm

Entrance : With fee


Istituto Italiano di Cultura, 233 Domain Rd, South


Afternoon bookclub - Stories by women, about women