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Lectures about Dante Alighieri



Lectures about Dante Alighieri

Lectures about Dante Alighieri

As part of the Week of the Italian Language in the World

October 18 - From 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Lecture by Roberto Rea: Amore e ragione nella ‘Vita nuova’

The purpose of this presentation is to emphasise how, in his autobiographical work Vita nuova, Dante bases his path to inner regeneration on the quest for a love that is underpinned by the "constancy of reason". The intuition of an intimately rational love breaks the ideological and linguistic mould of courtly tradition and trespasses the still innovative philosophical concept of his foremost friend Guido Cavalcanti, thus opening unexplored possibilities for the poetic word, and paving the way that will lead to the prophetic invention of the Commedia.

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October 22 - From 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM

Lecture by Bianca Garavelli: The female face of the Commedia

Dante’s masterpiece introduces us to a few female figures, not numerous, but still capable of leaving a mark for their poignancy. Some of them forestall current tragic issues, such as feminicide and gender-based violence: Francesca da Rimini, Pia da Siena, Piccarda Donati. Others are fully-fledged Muses, as well as women, because they seem to substantiate with their worldly existence, extending to the afterlife, or through their symbolic presence, the most important themes Dante holds dear. The latter include Cunizza da Romano, who in a sense “downplays” the most destructive aspects of amorous passion. Matelda, the mysterious “nymph”, conducts herself gracefully, but not without celestial wisdom and authority in the garden of Eden. And, of course, Beatrice, who is always present, since Canto II of Inferno, in the anticipation of a reunion with her and in her role as guide, so much to suggest the definition of “Journey towards Beatrice” for the sacred poem.

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Date: Friday, October 22, 2021

Time: From 6:30 pm To 7:30 pm

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

Entrance : Free




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