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Play-Back#9 Due passi sono



Play-Back#9 Due passi sono


Teatro contemporaneo italiano / Contemporary Italian Theatre

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Melbourne / Italian Cultural Institute Melbourne

Cura di / Curated by Elvira Frosini e Daniele Timpano



by Carullo-Minasi

written, directed and performed  by

Giuseppe Carullo and Cristiana Minasi

set and costumes Cinzia Muscolino

lights Roberto Bonaventura

assistant director Roberto Bitto

production Carullo-Minasi and Il Castello di Sancio Panza


Premio Scenario per Ustica 2011

Premio In-Box 2012

Premio Internazionale T. Pomodoro 2013


due passi sono 1


Watch the video [the link will be available from 1 October until 31 October]


Two little human beings, a man, and a woman with reduced features, find themselves on the great stage of existence, hidden in their mystery of life that reduces them to an increasingly narrow space, with essential furnishings, strangely deformed, like the imagination of children in a fever phase. They cross sections of theirs tender and terrible, clumsy, and grotesque shared life / day. They seem to be locked in a metal box, aseptic and deaf to the beauties of which they are potential carriers, but a "leap" - despite the soft legs - will open the case of their music box. They escape living the dream of real life from which it is no longer necessary to escape, but only to live, with the grace and charm of those who have learned to love hunger, sickness, the limits of being. Sacred, surreal, and festive image-crypt, that of their wedding, whereas in an exhibition of sounds, colours, and confetti, will end up exchanging wonderful poetry intentions.

We want, between the lines of the poem, to become the spokesperson for a generation taken by woodworms which are precluded from realize their ambitions with honesty and without compromise. We feel the immortality of the tragic heavy fable of Romeo and Juliet where nothing alive remains except the old, whose feud and whose selfishness, not the case, they killed the young people. Romeo and Juliet will finally be able to be together but only in the crypt, with their love for eternity in the gold statues that the executioners will raise as a remembrance. We want to challenge the myth and celebrate the happy ending in life, or at least in the hope of the same, and not in death having had the paradoxical and sacred luck to touch her in life. Thus, between the small and large, between the justified and unjustified, fears of this path of knowledge called life, for fun and enchantment, we abandon ourselves to the true sleep of the dream where it is born the new White life, progeny that will give continuity to the little love, always kept in every heart.





The Compagnia Carullo-Minasi, active since 2010, with its first three productions Due passi sono, T / Empio, Conferenza tragicheffimera, collected in the Trilogy on the Limit which is also a traveling theatre project, recognizes in the “limit” his own stylistic code and the creative dramaturgical resource for the definition of any act of art, in its nature before a political-democratic act.
Followed by De revolutionibus (from two operettas by G. Leopardi), Delirio bizzarro, Patruni and Sutta (from the Island of the Slaves of Marivaux) and Marionette, what a passion (by Rosso di San Secondo). The dramaturgy of Giuseppe Carullo and Cristiana Minasi, alternating original elaborations and adaptations of classical texts, investigates the compulsive absurdity of everyday life, the joys and sorrows, the splendours, and miseries of mankind. Their theatre sets the stage for a relationship and integration of the themes of freedom and dignity with multiple laboratory projects involving schools, universities, prisons, and mental health centres.



Date: Da Friday, October 01, 2021 a Sunday, October 31, 2021

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

Entrance : Free


YouTube - IIC Melbourne channel