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Milano Design Film Festival at ACMI



Milano Design Film Festival at ACMI

Proudly supported by the Italian Cultural Institute, Melbourne, this year's inaugural edition of the Milan Design Film Festival at ACMI - All'Italiana - will present a curated selection of titles from the 9th (2021) edition of the Milano Design Film Festival, alongside films drawn from recent editions of the Festival.

The inaugural selection in this year's edition at ACMI will feature Carlos Saura's feature length documentary, Renzo Piano: Architect of Light, and the Australian premiere of two wide-ranging feature documentaries on Italian innovator, Olivetti (Paradigm and Perspective), alongside opening night film, The Importance of being an Architect, which focuses on Milan-based Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, partners and co-founders of renowned architecture and interior design practice, ACPV, alongside a host of practitioners and collaborators from across the globe.

The limits of the project are transient. They contaminate cultural and civil influences, environmental and territorial interrelationships, ideas and aesthetic education, relations of use and living, the industrial strategies up to the development of a country. Thus, the history of design becomes a history of culture, especially if all this is related to the history of Italian design. It is not only past. Historicized glory defines the roots of a unique way of doing and moves continuously forward the hands of time. Challenges, innovations, experimentation, avant-garde, technology, in the industrial and post-industrial era, give shape to machines, as well as to furnishings, objects, buildings, cities, in a binary alternation between uniqueness and reproducibility. And then there is the specificity of the place, the genius loci, which does the rest and makes fragmented and cohesive in the same way the quality, the beauty which becomes value. In the variegated formal panorama, one draws on the suggestions enmeshed in cinematographic films: the more fluid way to enjoy the many stories of today and yesterday, analysed with the eyes of the contemporary. We meet people who come back to us from the past. The company’s “captains” of all times speak to us. We listen to the designers. We review the objects. We visit the industries. We retrace the phenomena and social contexts. We rediscover the meaning of things. But above all, the whole reconstructs that "Italian model" - the Italian way - based on material components, such as technological research, and immaterial components, such as creativity and emotions; on the close relationship between entrepreneurs, designers, and artisans; on the amalgam between design and publishing; on the ability to respond flexibly to changes, also in the logic of a global culture such as that one of today. A rich and rooted culture still able to spread the special essence of the best-known design in the world.

IIC Director's Statement

I am proud to present in Melbourne, in collaboration with ACMI, the Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF), one of the most important and original festivals in the field of design and architecture. Curated by Silvia Robertazzi and Porzia Bergamasco, the Milano Design Film Festival seeks to present a survey of the culture of design.

The 20 films selected by ACMI to screen in this first edition of the Milan Design Film Festival in Melbourne, mostly from the 2021 edition of the festival, offer a broad vision of what is happening in the sector today. Design in the world speaks Italian: of the sector's 100-billion-dollar turnover, one third – about 32 billion – is made in Italy. With this, and other events specially designed for Victoria, the Italian Cultural Institute in Melbourne promotes 'know-how' and adds 'making known'.

Contemporary architecture, in its cultural and social dimensions, responds to the challenges of our time with a careful approach to the definition of public space. In Italy the theme of the initiative was 'Reset', a restart after the COVID-19 pandemic, intended as a reimagining of lifestyles and urban landscapes, with less focus on history and biographies and more attention on urban planning and sustainability.

I hope this is just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with ACMI hosting the MDFF on a regular basis to create positive synergies between Italy and Australia in this cultural field.

Finally, I’d like to thank Silvia Robertazzi, director of the MDFF, for her support and collaboration.

Angelo Gioè; Director, Italian Cultural Institute, Melbourne


Milano Design Film Festival at ACMI - All'Italiana -
19–30 May 2022

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Date: Da Thursday, May 19, 2022 a Monday, May 30, 2022

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

In collaboration with : ACMI

Entrance : With fee


ACMI, Federation Square