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OEDIPUS REX (EDIPO RE), Italy/Marocco, 1967



OEDIPUS REX (EDIPO RE),  Italy/Marocco, 1967


Italy/Marocco, 1967

Original title: Edipo Re

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Screenplay: Pier Paolo Pasolini, from 'Edipo Re' and ' Edipo a Colono' by Sofocle. Art director: Luigi Scaccianoce. Cinematographer: Giuseppe Ruzzolini. Set Designer: Andrea Fantacci. Set Designere assistant: Dante Ferretti. Editor:Nino Baragli. Music coordinator: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Music: "Quartet in C Major K 465” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Romanian folk music, Ancient Japanese music. Sound manager: Carlo Trachi. Costume designer: Danilo Donati. Cast and characters: Franco Citti (Oedipus), Silvana Mangano (Queen Jocasta), Alida Valli (Queen Merope), Carmelo Bene (Creon), Julian Beck (Tiresias), Ninetto Davoli (Angelo), Luciano Bartoli (King Laius), Ahmed Bellachmi (Polybus), Francesco Leonetti (servant of Laius), Giandomenico Davoli (Shepherd of Polibio), Pier Paolo Pasolini (the High priest ). Production: Arco Film, Roma in conjunction with Somafis, Casablanca (Marocco). Length: 104’.

Format: DCP. Source: Cineteca di Bologna under licence from Compass Distribution.

Original version.Subtitles: English

A visionary reinvention of Sophocles' tragedy staged as a dream (a nightmare) enclosed between a prologue in Italy in the 1920s and an epilogue in Bologna in 1967. Defined by Pasolini as his own poetic autobiography, Oedipus Rex has an original figurative fabric where barbaric aesthetics blends with primitivism and painful corporeality.

“I had two objectives in making the film: the first, to create a sort of absolutely metaphorical autobiography, therefore mythologized; the second, to address both the problem of psychoanalysis and that of myth. But instead of projecting the myth onto psychoanalysis, I have re-projected psychoanalysis onto the myth. Yet I kept myself very free, I followed all my aspirations and my impulses. I have not denied even one. This was the fundamental operation of 'Oedipus Rex'. The resentment of the father towards the son is something that I felt more distinctly than the relationship between mother and child, which is not a historical relationship, but purely internal, private, outside of history, indeed meta-historical, therefore ideologically unproductive. While what determines the story is the relationship of love and hate between father and son. I felt the love for my mother much, much more deeply, and all my work was influenced by it. " (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

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Edipo Re


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