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RO.GO.PA.G., Italy/France, 1963



RO.GO.PA.G., Italy/France, 1963


Italy/France, 1963

Original title: La ricotta

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Story and screenplay: Pier Paolo Pasolini. Art Director: Flavio Mogherini. Cinematographer: Tonino Delli Colli. Editor: Nino Baragli. Music coordinator: Carlo Rustichelli. Assistant director: Sergio Citti, Carlo Di Carlo. Costume designer: Danilo Donati. Cast and characters: Orson Welles (the Director, dubbed by Giorgio Bassani), Mario Cipriani (Rags), Laura Betti (the “diva”), Edmonda Aldini (another “diva”), Vittorio La Paglia (the journalist), Maria Berardini (the stripteaser), Rossana Di Rocco (the daughter of Rags). Production: Arco Film (Roma) / Cineriz (Roma) / Lyre Film (Parigi). Length 35’.

Fourth episode of Ro.Go.Pa.G. The other episodes are “Illibatezza” (Virginity) by Roberto Rossellini, “Il nuovo mondo” (The New World) di Jean-Luc Godard, “Il pollo ruspante” (The Free Range Chicken) by Ugo Gregoretti.

Format: 35mm. Source: CSC-Cineteca Nazionale, under licence from Compass Distribution.

Original version. Subtitles: English

Stracci (Rags), an underclass of the Roman suburbs tormented by chronic hunger plays the part of the good thief in a film about the Passion. To feed himself he sells the diva's dog, guilty of having stolen his basket, buys a ricotta and devours it, along with loads of food offered him by the crew, to tease him. The crucifixion scene is shot and when the director shouts "action", Stracci remains motionless on the cross.

“Stracci is a less poetic character than Accattone, but he is more significant, more generalised. The crisis the film testifies to is not mine, but the crisis of a certain way of seeing the problems in Italy. Until 'Accattone', I saw social problems only lowered into Italian specificity, which became impossible with 'La ricotta'. Society has changed, it changes. The only way to look at the Roman underclass is to consider it as one of the many phenomena of the Third World. Stracci is the symbolic hero of the Third World, undoubtedly more abstract and less poetic, but, for me, more important. " (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

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La ricotta


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