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VISIONS Italian Ecoway of Lyfe - NEXT CITY



VISIONS Italian Ecoway of Lyfe - NEXT CITY

VISIONS Italian Ecoway of Lyfe is a project of the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne that develops five themes starting from a new idea of ecology from the perspective of the Deep History. Featuring 38 Italian prominent experts including anthropologists, architects, artists, nutritionists, scientists, chefs and other professionals that tell us about another possible way of life in a video series around Italy. The series, conceived by Angelo Gioè, is curated by Maurizio Corrado.

VISIONS because in the Anthropocene it is vital to start again to imagine not only other possible worlds, but above all new systems to survive in the only world we know.

VISIONS as imagination, project, utopia, desire.

VISIONS explores possible Italian ways to ecology, where beauty is constantly taken into account. The word lyfe refers to the new concept of life proposed by the scientific community to broaden the concept of life, opening new perspectives of thought.

VISIONS presents an idea of ​​ecology that has as travel companions no longer sacrifice, but beauty, pleasure, well-being and the development of life in constant relationship with other different forms of life and with the environment.


5th Episode


Watch the video on the IIC Melbourne VIMEO channel: click here

Looking at the city from the point of view of deep time it becomes clear that it is the group that constitutes the seed of the city.

For thousands of years we lived in groups, which we can consider the first cities and we constantly moved until we started farming. When the groups stopped, the cities also stopped. Seeing the city as a group shifts the focus from buildings to people, from how to do it to what to do, from technology to imagination.

Man constantly connected to technological prostheses and the old idea of smart cities are the last remnant of an imaginary from the late nineteenth century. We can look at it with nostalgia and go further, towards a city that envisages not only humans but also all the other living beings in the centre.

We talk about it with Anna Lambertini, landscape architect and lecturer at the University of Florence, with the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, who has been working for some time on the idea of sustainability combined with beauty. We talk about urban regeneration with Werter Albertazzi who invented the job title “Territory Activation Specialist”, with the architect Antonio Bagni and others who are creating a new way of designing and conceiving the city.

Featuring: Anna Lambertini, landscape architect; Luca Baldini, architect; Michelangelo Giombini, architect; Massimo Iosa Ghini, architect; Werther Albertazzi, territory activation specialist; Antonio Bagni, architect. Music by Antar.


Date: Da Friday, May 27, 2022 a Saturday, December 31, 2022

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

Entrance : Free


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