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Silent Divas 01/ADELAIDE - Maria Jacobini in "The Wife He Neglected" (L'onesta' del peccato)



Silent Divas 01/ADELAIDE - Maria Jacobini  in

Italian divas of the silent era.

"Silent Divas", a program of film screenings with live music dedicated to three of the brightest film stars from the Italian silent cinema’s golden age, was launched in 2021 by the IIC Melbourne. The series resumes this year with a special screening of the first film that was screened in Melbourne on May 20 last year, this time in Adelaide (SA) on June 4, 2022 at the Mercury Cinema.

>"L’Onestà del Peccato" with Maria Jacobini, directed by Augusto Genina (1918, 89')

>"Assunta Spina" with Francesca Bertini,directed by Gustavo Serena (1915, 67')

>"Rapsodia satanica" with Lyda Borelli, directed by Nino Oxilia (1915, 55')

All three films will be presented with English intertitles and with new soundtracks composed and performed live by three Melbourne based female composers.

This project has been curated by Christian Pazzaglia, a multidisciplinary curator and producer who works internationally, currently based in Sydney.

> The first diva is Maria Jacobini featuring in "L’Onestà del Peccato" (The Wife He Neglected).

A businessman marries Maria, the daughter of the rich professor, not for love but for personal gain. He betrays and humiliates her but she hides his despicable character from both her father and society at large and takes comfort in the company of a ship’s lieutenant. They fall in love but agree to interrupt their impossible relationship. Pregnant with her lover’s child, Maria decides to follow her heart and join him at sea but a series of dramatic events awaits them.

The complex character of Maria is played by an intense Maria Jacobini. In the role of daughter, wife, lover and mother she plays a woman courageous to the point of becoming an instrument of death.

The film will be presented in a new digitally restored copy, restored by the Cineteca di Bologna in 2017.

Live score performed by Chiara Costanza.


Chiara Costanza

Chiara Costanza is a Melbourne-based music composer, producer and DJ born and raised in Torino, Italy.

Classically trained in piano and later exposed to electronic music after moving to Melbourne in 2004, Chiara has since moved into a well-respected position in the Australian electronic music scene, where she performs under the moniker Chiara Kickdrum.

A sought-after film composer for film and TV, her short film All These Creatures, was awarded a Palme D’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.


Date: Saturday, June 04, 2022

Time: From 8:00 pm To 9:15 pm

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

Entrance : With fee



Cinema Mercury, Adelaide