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‘Jodice Canova’ exhibition



‘Jodice Canova’ exhibition

Jodice / Canova: an exhibition where art meets art.

A living photographer, and internationally recognized, confronts Antonio Canova, whose art exerted an enormous influence in the sculpture of the early nineteenth century, the only true great sculptor of European neoclassicism, the author of works, at least in the most successful ones, rich in an anxious poetry that still remain alive for the composure of the gestures, the harmonious elegance of the forms and the sensitivity of the modeling.

Thus we see two artists from different eras dialogue: Jodice seeks a visceral connection with Canova, shoots 1: 1 scale frames, experiences timeless art and pursues his relationship with sculpture as a relationship with the man who has instilled a sense of life and a sense of space in it; he feels that in sculpture, of every age, that sense of space is distilled which he himself seeks in his images of landscape architecture, urban interiors and sculpture.

Jodice thus reveals infinite sensory, executive, expressive passages. He does not special details: each of the photos, shown here today, carries with it the uniqueness of Canova's expression, restoring the theatricality of the gesture, the intensity of the affections and the ancient pathos. We are faced with a story of interpretation, an emotional reading, a love story. Art meets art through an exhibition within an exhibition.

Thanks to this exhibition we are presenting Italy, its values ​​and talents, its skills and its potential in an original way. Here you can see it clearly: Jodice, in the wake of ancient tradition, with his passion and creativity, innovates the photographic style making it completely different from what has been seen so far in sculpture photography.




Date: Da Wednesday, July 20, 2022 a Thursday, August 18, 2022

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

In collaboration with : LCI Melbourne

Entrance : Free


LCI Melbourne