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Play-Back#4 Totò e Vicé



Play-Back#4 Totò e Vicé


Teatro contemporaneo italiano / Contemporary Italian Theatre

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Melbourne / Italian Cultural Institute Melbourne

Cura di / Curated by Elvira Frosini e Daniele Timpano


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Totò e Vicé

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Totò and Vicé by Franco Scaldati

direction and interpretation : ENZO VETRANO and STEFANO RANDISI

lighting design by Maurizio Viani - costumes by Mela Dell'Erba

lighting and audio technician: Antonio Rinaldi

Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi have been working together for more than forty years. Complementarity, dialectics as well as comparison, are the form they have chosen to express their poetics. Some time ago they came across Totò and Vicé, tender and surreal clochards born from the fantasy of Franco Scaldati, poet, actor and playwright from Palermo, and in their words, gestures, thoughts, games they immediately mirrored themselves.

Totò and Vicé are linked by an absolute mutual friendship and live on fragments of dreams that make them stand in a balance between the earthly world and the sky, in an unattainable time between past and future, with the need to stay together in order to exist.

The theatre, the true theatre, the theatre that takes your breath away with almost nothing, the theatre that doesn’t make any distinction between the living and the dead, the theatre that runs through your fingers and yet teaches you the mystery of love, the theatre that puts two poor devils on stage in a twilight of modest means and that makes you feel the unbearable light of happiness, the theatre that appears to be fragile and ephemeral and yet fills your soul with grateful emotions; this theatre we have experienced like a mirage (but it was all true) during the other night, when Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi appeared behind an iron railing, carrying carton suitcases, saying again and again - next to a bench - with disoriented beauty - the most human words of Totò and Vicé,…

Rodolfo Di Giammarco LA REPUBBLICA – 

The show is a true masterpiece: those two marginal clowns, precipitated from the dark into a space populated only by a bench and many candles, speak of life, of loss, of ghosts with the naivety of children or poets... Are they dead? Are they alive? They remind us of how those boundaries are fleeting, constantly transitory. With impeccable theatrical rhythms, they make us laugh a little sourly. They make us think. Dream.

Massimo Marino – Il Corriere della Sera -



Date: Da Saturday, May 01, 2021 a Monday, May 31, 2021

Organized by : IIC Melbourne

In collaboration with : Compagnia Vetrano/Randisi

Entrance : Free