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Each month we will present a show of an Italian theatre company which we believe is important in the world of contemporary Italian theatre production. 

The videos we will be sharing with you are not filmed by the television but “promotional” - the videos that the theatre companies use to promote their shows and get booked for festivals and theatres. There are two reasons for this choice: on one hand we believe that theatre, the real stuff, can only be seen live on a stage and as such we don’t want to take the place of “live theatre”, the place where we all hope to return as soon as we are able to; rather we want to take advantage of this forced break to introduce a wider Australian audience to a theatrical production that would find it difficult to come all this way to Australia but that we believe is worth discovering. We hope, that is, to whet your appetite for contemporary Italian theatre, physically here in Australia, or in Italy, at a beautiful theatre festival, on the billboards of local theatres and at any other occasion which might appear. On the other hand, we would like this review to reach those users who were the original audience of this video - festival programmers and Australian theatres, by promoting these shows and introducing theatre companies and shows that they might not have had the opportunity to know about or discover, and who knows, help them to fall in love with contemporary Italian theatre, which we believe can give so much to an international audience.



Vangelo (Gospel)
conceived and directed by Pippo Delbono

Vangelo (Gospel) marks a further step along this path.
In recent years, his experimentation has developed into an unusual form of musical performance: an investigation into voice and words which has taken Delbono to meet musicians such as Enzo Avitabile, Alexander ...



questo buio feroce

Questo buio feroce (This Fierce Darkness)
conceived and directed by Pippo Delbono

In this white box, being at the same time an aseptic background, as well as an hospital waiting room or a catwalk for a disturbing fashion show, some black figures are standing still, as if they were portraits coming out of a funeral cortege, patients waiting for their call, masks and ladies, symbols of a dying Venice, in a parade. ...




conceived and directed by Pippo Delbono

In Orchids, as in all my shows, there is an attempt to stop the time I'm living through. To stop my time and that of my company, the people who've been with me many years now, but also the time we all are living in - Italians, Europeans, citizens of the world. ...



 dopo la battaglia

Dopo La Battaglia 
(After the Battle)
conceived and directed by Pippo Delbono

Watching Pippo Delbono's latest work, we find ourselves at the beginning of a visionary journey, at the threshold of a sequence of frames, in the body of a dramaturgy that shows us, without holding back, the truth that folly uncovers. ...



acquadicolonia small 1

Acqua di Colonia
Theatre Company Frosini-Timpano

A performance about Colonialism: ‘Acqua di Colonia’ deals with the theme of Italian colonialism, challenging the dominant ideology with stage-writing capable of describing the present by plunging roots into the historical fabric of Italian society. ...



sorry boys small

Sorry, boys
BY Marta Cuscunà

Dialogues about a secret agreement for 12 cut-off heads.

"It starts as a gossip in the high school in Gloucester. There are 18 pregnant girls - 4 time more than the normal one – and it seems not to be an accident for all of them." ...