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Italian Language and Culture courses


Italian Language and Culture courses

italian language and culture courses italian cultural institute

Every year, in countries throughout the world, over two million people attend Italian language courses outside Italy, probably even more, as this figure does not consider non-institutional learning contexts! Italian certainly remains, in the world, the reference language for lovers of the arts, from music to architecture, passing through figurative and culinary art.


  • Italian is a language of culture. Knowing Italian means having access to: a literary heritage that is of prime importance in European history; to humanistic and scientific texts of enormous value; and to Italian theatrical, musical, opera, film and television production.

  • Italian is a language of study. Every year thousands of people study Italian in schools, universities, institutes and libraries in Italy and throughout the world.

  • Italian is a language of work. Managers, investors, specialised technicians, workers, and labourers come into contact with the Italian industrial, artisan and services sector that has now crossed borders and become international.


Speaking Italian, visiting our country and meeting its hospitable people will be even more pleasant and will allow you to fully appreciate the Italian way of life, loved by everyone.


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We are keeping all our courses to an online format so that you can continue your Italian learning with us from home! If you'd like to see what an online lesson might look like, please click on this link to see an example of an online lesson.


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