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Classics at the IIC


Classics at the IIC

Upgrade your knowledge of the deep understanding of language: the amazing 2000 years bridge between the ancient and the modern worlds. Penetrate the mysteries of the western philosophy that still underpins everything in our modern world today.

1 In-depth and consolidation classes for VCE students (in preparation for the VCE examination)
Revision and focus on the Aeneid. One weekly lesson. Classes can be made available online to reach a larger number of students.

> In the first semester, translation techniques are refined: case function and syntax review, translation techniques, all based on the Victorian Study Design 2022.

> Semester 2 - the focus in on the Aeneid and in preparation for the second part of the final examination

- Starting in September in-depth classes and Trial Exams will be offered

2 - Latin Tutoring classes

When: during the whole year. Minim 6 students; alternatively as a private tuition

Tutoring is configured as a support for students who are already studying and as a support for students who want to enroll in new courses offered in high schools or universities.

3 - Ancient Greek Tutoring

Same as in Point 2

4 - Latin for beginners (open to adults)

-in Italian (for those who are already studying Italian)

-in English

Minim 6 students. Avaliable also online

5 - Latin literature

Immerse yourself into Latin Literature. This Course is open to everyone interested in discovering Latin literature. No prior knowledge of Latin is required, the course mainly focusing on themes.

> Semester 1 (focus on Prose):

Discover the art of rhetoric by reading Cicero: Pro Caelio

This course will look at the art of rhetoric that plays such an important part in todays’ society, looking at the roots of the fascinating and powerful art going back to its Greek roots.

> Semester 2

Discover the art of poetry through one of the texts that inspired Dante’s Divine Comedy: The Aeneid (each year different books): This is a journey that will guide you through ancient history, with an exciting journey through mythology, the concept of Hero (Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces) and Fate. This course can also be open to VCE students.


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