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Premio Flaiano


Premio Flaiano

47th  International Ennio Flaiano Award for literature, theatre, cinema and television
In the context of the 47th International Ennio Flaiano Award for literature, the Italian Studies prize, offered by the Ennio Flaiano Cultural Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is announced.

Ennio Flaiano Award for Literature - Italian Studies prize

An international Jury will award € 5.000 to one or more authors selected amongst Italian scholars from Europe, America or Asia.
The publications to be submitted for consideration will be chosen by the Directors of Italian Cultural Institutes.
The Directors may propose up to three works published in the year preceeding the competition announcement in the correspondent country. They must send two copies to the Premio Flaiano offices either by fax (0854517909) or via e-mail it ( The Jury may also consider other publications submitted by its constituents.

REGULATIONS and CALL for the "2021 Italian Studies Prize" Nominations: click here

The Jury
the so-called "Jury of 100" is entrusted with the task of choosing from the novels finalists the winning work of the Superflaiano Award. It meets in Rome within the offices of the Directorate General for the Promotion of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to announce the winners for the Narrative and Italian Studies divisions. For ten years now, the literary prize has been enriched with a section dedicated to Italianistics that assigns the recognition to an Italian work published abroad, a further sign of the meaning and importance that the Flaiano Award has now taken on.

Presentation of Awards
The prizes will be presented at an award ceremony at the Teatro Monumentale ‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ in Pescara.
Associazione Culturale Ennio Flaiano
Piazza Alessandrini 34 – 65127 Pescara – Italy
Tel: +39-085-4517898/4510812 - fax: +39-085-4517909