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Francesco Careri – Walking, Aesthetics, Architecture



Francesco Careri – Walking, Aesthetics, Architecture

How do people make sense of their space and place? How is the city developing, beside and beyond official planning? How do people’s practices transform the city? Where does the city ‘takes us’, when we freely walk? Can architecture and walking become a form of art?

Francesco Careri is an architect and Research Professor at the Architecture Department of the University of Roma Tre. He is a founding member of the urban art workshop Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade. He currently works on informal urban settlements, exploring innovative possibilities of intervention in particular in Rome, with reviews and proposals about the living conditions of the Roma People. He is the Director of the Master ‘MAAC_Master Arti Architettura Città’, and teaches in the course ‘Arti Civiche’, a peripatetic laboratory founded during a project of walking exploration of the neglected zones of Rome.

Francesco Careri will introduce his work in Rome and his methodologies through a Q&A with Dr Malcolm Angelucci (School of Languages and Linguistics, The University of Melbourne). After this, he will take the participants for a walk in the area surrounding the Istituto, allowing the participants to explore his methodologies, and find out more about the critical approach to walking, and how to appreciate the complexities of the city.

Francesco Careri is in Australia for a series of events organised by Molonglo, co-curated with Melbourne Design Week, titled ‘Walking. A Subversive Design Act’. The program includes a public lecture by Francesco Careri (Tue 17 Mar, 6pm–7pm at NGV International), a day-long by-invitation symposium and an unplanned wandering through the unexplored territories of Melbourne (Sun 15 Mar, 11am).


Free event. Bookings essential: Eventbrite


Data: Mar 10 Mar 2020

Orario: Dalle 18:30 alle 20:00

Organizzato da : IIC Melbourne

In collaborazione con : Molonglo

Ingresso : Libero


IIC Melbourne