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LOS OLVIDADOS, Messico, 1950



LOS OLVIDADOS,  Messico, 1950


Mexico, 1950

Director: Luis Buñuel. Plot and script: Luis Alcoriza, Luis Buñuel. Director of photography: Gabriel Figueroa. Editing: Carlos Savage. Set design: Edward Fitzgerald. Music: Gustavo Pittaluga. Interpreters and characters: Estela Inda (Marta), Alfonso Mejía (Pedro), Miguel Inclán (don Carmelo), Roberto Cobo ('El Jaibo'), Alma Delia Fuentes (Meche), Efraín Arauz ('El Cacarizo'), Mario Ramírez ('El Ojitos'), Francisco Jambrina (the director of the reformatory), Javier Amezcua (Julián), Jesús Navarro (Julián's father). Production: Óscar Dancigers, Sergio Kogan, Jaime Menasce for Ultramar Films. Duration: 81 '

Format: DCP. Origin and concession: Fundación Televisa. Original version. Subtitles: English.

Restored by The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project at the L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna in collaboration with Fundación Televisa, Televisa, Cineteca Nacional México, and Filmoteca de la UNAM, thanks to the contribution of The Material World Foundation.

Once released from juvenile prison, El Jaibo resumes his role as the gang leader of a group of street children in the slums of Mexico City, determined to find the one who would send him to prison.

“There is nothing obvious in the way Buñuel talks about poverty, and he hated the subtitle Pitié pour eux attached to the film in some countries. He based Los Olvidados on direct observations and official documents, but challenged Neorealism by portraying its protagonists as complex figures driven by their own unconscious impulses. Humanity is subjected to an extreme test in the character of Jaibo, who has seen his mother only once, "and perhaps it was a dream", a blind man strokes a little girl's bare back with a dove to transfer the animal's his illness: no one has been able to create such situations as Buñuel. In his unique style, sex and violence, reason and madness, good and evil can hardly be distinguished, and this is the most authentic feature of Buñuelian poetry. "

(Peter von Bagh)

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 Los Olvidaos


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