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20 Year Exploration. Italian Animation Film Festival Edition 0

20 Year Exploration

Sat Nov 26, 6:00pm (Como Cinema 3)

For much of its history, the Italian animation scene has been one that has been significantly defined by a group of independent artists who have combined their personal styles with the unique properties of animation to develop beautifully hewed, highly imaginative films that explore themes as esoteric as the most cryptic nature of our inner lives to those as vivid as the residue of war.

In common, and dare we say it, perhaps not unsurprisingly, the common threads that tend to run through these otherwise diverse range of practices is a passion of beautiful design and an obsession with the craft of image making.

This program is an exemplar showcase of some of the finest works by a roster of established and rising 21st century Italian master animators. Drawn from the last 20 years, these are some of the most beloved, admired and awarded Italian animated short films that have wowed audiences the world over.

Absent Minded


Absent Minded

Roberto Catani: 7’51, 2013

A child’s daydream during a school lesson is abruptly interrupted by the teacher.


Ecco è ora


Ecco è ora

Magda Guidi: 3’34, 2004

The wind arrives and marks the beginning of a new season.







il gioco del silenzio


 Il Gioco del Silenzio

Virginia Mori: 5’01, 2009

The sound of silence can cast a long shadow.




you know who I am


 I Know Who I Am

Simone Massi: 3’00, 2004

The search for identity is a journey without boundaries.






Alessia Travaglini: 5’07, 2011

A surreal dream searching out the shapes of a world beyond realism.




The Match-La Partita

Ursula Ferrara: 3’57, 2002

At one time or another all of us have been spectators of other people’s lives and the games they play.



via curiel


Via Curiel 8

Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri: 8’36, 2011

Dario and Emma separate without a word into two worlds too different to reconcile.






La Funambola

Roberto Catani: 6’03, 2002

A young girl dreams of love, marriage and the elegantly colourful life ahead of her.





The Wait Of May

Simone Massi: 8’00, 2014

In the month of May the blackbirds emerge to sing in full voice.





Dario Imbrogno: 3’55, 2016

Existing or not – in the blink of an eye.




Topo glassato al cioccolato

Donato Sansone [Milkyeyes]: 2’30, 2011

An impressively bizarre morphing pencil animation probably better experienced than understood



Essere Morti O Essere Vivi E La Stessa Cosa

Gianluigi Toccafondo: 3’43, 2000

A visually poetic exploration of the difference between being dead or alive.




Winter and Lizard

Julia Gromskaya: 4’00, 2013

The young girl and a lizard; the snow and the memory.





Gianluigi Toccafondo: 14’42, 2014

A gorgeously crafted journey across some of Italy’s most beautiful UNESCO cultural sites.

Contemporary Voices (Guests)

                                       Andrea Pierri



  • In collaboration with: Palace Cinema Como