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Voices of Today . Italian Animation Film Festival Edition 0

Voices of Today

Sun Nov 27, 6:30pm (Como Cinema 1)

The world of contemporary Italian animation is as diverse, creative and energetic as any in the world. This program showcases a fascinating sample of some of the most captivating animators working in Italian animation today.

Andrea Pierri works primarily within the design and advertising industries and is renowned for his capacity to ‘blend’ animation and live-action footage to generate imagery that brings alternative perspectives to whatever subject he tackles.

Igor Imhoff is one of the world’s most restless experimental animators. He uses every tool in the modern animator’s production suite to create digital moving image artwork that ranges from highly stylised music videos to films destined to be projected onto massive buildings.

Nico Bonomolo is one of Italy’s best known independent animators whose films pursue more personal and contemplative stories. We are especially pleased to be screening his latest film, “Maestrale” which was recently awarded Best Short Film at the David di Donatello Awards, Italy’s most prestigious film awards.

And the program rounds out with two ‘hot-off-the-press’ graduate films from Italy’s premier animation school, shining a bright light on the next generation of Italian animation.

Andrea Pierri and Igor Imhoff will travel from Italy to introduce and discuss their work in what promises to be a highlight screening.


Andrea Pierri




Andrea Pierri: 4’00, 2003

Every night was the same – the moon winked at the wolf but he couldn’t see her.




Promised Land

Andrea Pierri: 9’00, 2018

A dangerous journey to a very uncertain new life just over the horizon.


Igor Imhoff





Igor Imhoff: 1’16, 2013

A bold and radical reimagining of multiple industrial environments.






Igor Imhoff: 5’04, 2013

Piecing the grave to witness a battle between ghosts fighting to last particle of their being.





Igor Imhoff: 5’08, 2021

A curious cross-section of a dormant society embark on a confused search for light and hope.


Nico Bonomolo




Nico Bonomolo: 11’00, 2016

The power of art redeems an artist from the confinement imposed by a dark political past.






Nico Bonomolo: 9’50, 2021

A sudden change in wind forces a sailor towards a makeshift landing, a mysterious woman and a new beginning.


Best of CSC 2022 Graduates





Maddalena Brozzi, Laura Cagnoni, Sara Moschini: 7’22, 2022

Words can creep under the skin, change lives and create new realities from old ideas.





Graziano e la Giraffa

Fabio Orlando, Tommaso Zerbi: 6’35, 2022

A man hungry for sausages buys a microwave oven that goes rogue and attempts to drag him into the wild.



  • Organized by: Palace Cinema Como