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CSC Showcase . Italian Animation Film Festival Edition 0

CSC Showcase

Sat Nov 26, 8:30pm (Como Cinema 3)

Italy’s National Film School or Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (CSC) has a long, storied history of training filmmakers and those involved in the wider cinematic arts. For many years, the study of animation wove through the broader curriculum but in 2001 a standalone, focused animation school was established on their Turin campus with a new and wider mission: “to nurture talent and to promote artistic expression”. Italian animation would never be the same. Singlehandedly the CSC course would boost the amount of animation Italy created and presented to the world. Their graduate works increasingly appeared in festival line-ups and started winning awards. Alumni and alumnae such as Martina Scarpelli, Donato Sansone and Nico Bonomolo have rapidly risen to rank as world-beating animators who are reshaping the Italian animation ecosystem.

This program – co-curated with the generous and enthusiast support of the CSC’s Animation Course Co-ordinator Chiara Magri – brings together a selection of their most successful films and most gifted students.




Martina Scarpelli: 4’49, 2015

Imagine not being. A girl imagines she can empty the world.





Marta Gennari, Giulia Martinelli: 6’00, 2016

In a blue fairy-tale forest things turn strange when a grumpy granny loses a bottle of wine.





Dalila Rovazzani, Giovanni Munari: 4’00, 2010

Who’s afraid of arithmetic? Struggling with his homework a bored student falls into an alternative reality of sums and equations.



En Rang Par Deux

Elisabetta Bosco, Margherita Giusti, Viola Mancini: 6’51, 2020

Two African boys living in Rome and the world of music that surrounds them.




New Neighbours

Andrea Manning, Giacomo Rinaldi, Sara Burgio: 5’50, 2018

A supercharged cartoony jaunt through the fractured mirror of our multicultural world.



Office Kingdom

Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Giulio De Toma, Ruben Pirito: 7’00, 2014

A demanding customer has no idea of the gauntlet a clerk must run to get the right stamp for his paperwork.




Dance Of The Little Spider

Giacinto Compagnone, Aurora Febo, Lucia Rotelli, Emma Vasile: 6’00, 2012

An ancient ritual of southern Italy suggests that only a special dance can heal the bite of the Taranta spider.




Il Naturalista

Giulia Barbera, Gianluca Lo Presti, Federico Parodi, Michele Tozzi: 5’38, 2008

The naturalist lives in the city but whenever he can he jumps into his car and drives out into the country to play his flute for whoever or whatever will listen.




Imperium Vacui

Massimo Ottoni, Linda Kelvink: 6’00, 2014

A man fights against a regime where all traces of humanity have been lost, but his act of rebellion seems like it’s framed within the System.





Silvia Bassoli, Giacomo d’Ancona, Maria Virginia Moratti: 7’37, 2018

A tender story of friendship lost and found in the deepest chasms of Earth.




Nana Bobo

Andrea Cristofaro, Valentina Delmiglio, Francesco Nicolo Merue, Lucas Wild Do Vale: 4’27, 2012

Sometimes the beauty of the world around us masks the darker hearts that walk among us.




Mamma Mia

Milena Tipaldo, Francesca Marinelli: 7’19, 2013

Two heartfelt tributes to two irreplaceable mothers.



  • Organized by: Palace Cinema Como