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INCROCI – Conservatorio Milano Quartet

Francesca Carola,
Silvia Giliberto,

Matteo Savio,
Filippo Capretti,



> The Conservatorio Milano Quartet
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B. Bartók (1881-1945)

Sonata for two pianos and percussion

L. Berio (1925-2003)

Line for two pianos, vibraphone and marimba

A. Solbiati (1956)

The silence of the sirens for two pianos and two percussionists

Duration: 60′


Francesca Carola. She began studying the piano at the age of 6 with Maestro Graziella Bianchi, continuing her studies at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Milan with Maestro Leonardo Leonardi and graduating with full marks. She then concludes the second level specialist two-year course (soloist) with Maestro Vincenzo Balzani, graduating with 110 cum laude.

She continues her training following the specialization courses of internationally renowned Masters: Aldo Ciccolini, Franco Scala, Boris Petrushansky, Leonel Morales, Marcella Crudeli, Dsevolod Dvorkin, Natalia Troull, Roberto Plano, Sergio Perticaroli. Finally, she specialized at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola, in the class of Maestro Vovka Ashkenazy and Maestro Leonid Margarius.

Francesca began her concert career at the age of 8 performing as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in important Italian and European theatres. She toured in South America, playing in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Teatro del Libertador). From a very young age (from the age of seven) she participated in National and International Competitions, winning more than 40 prizes and awards.

Following her artistic activity, numerous articles have appeared in national newspapers dedicated to her reviews and interviews. She was a guest of the show “Il Pianista”, dedicated to the best emerging Italian talents, performing live music by Scarlatti and Prokofiev on Radio Classica. Some of her concerts have aired on Radio 3 and Vatican Radio, TV 2000, Rai Sicilia.

She has recently been a guest in the radio show “Piazza Verdi”, on Radio 3, playing and presenting her record dedicated to Kalkbrenner live, which has been reviewed by Classic Voice with 5 stars. She has performed various concertos for piano and orchestra (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Prokofiev, Chaikowsky) with the Jupiter orchestras, I Virtuosi Accademici, Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra, Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, Toscanini Philharmonic Orchestra.

She is currently Professor of Principal Piano at the “Peri” Conservatory of Reggio Emilia and at the “Umberto Giordano” Conservatory section. Rodi Garganico. Previously at the “Vittadini” Conservatory of Pavia.

Silvia Giliberto was born in 1997. She began studying the piano at the “Antonia Pozzi” Civic School of Music in Corsico with Lorena Portalupi. She continued her higher musical studies at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan under the guidance of Ettore Borri, achieving in 2020 the First Level Academic Diploma in Piano with 110 cum laude.

Since 2014 she has been attending High Specialization Piano Courses with Marian Mika. Over the years she has participated in numerous masterclasses coming into contact with internationally renowned masters, such as Jean-Marc Luisada. She has performed in numerous concerts, performing as a soloist and in chamber ensembles at Italian and European theatres.

Particularly interested in contemporary music, she participates in the performance of the “Games” by Kurtàg / Cuendet in 2018 as part of the 27th Milano Musica Festival, in the first full performance of “Corde e martelletti” by Alessandro Solbiati in 2019 and in the same year in the first performance of 5 pieces by different composers within the 10th Festival Internacional de Piano of Córdoba.

In 2021 she took part in the Call for Young Performers of the International Divertimento Ensemble Academy, a specialization course reserved for contemporary repertoire held by Maria Grazia Bellocchio. She is the winner of international competitions, including in 2020 the fifth edition of the “Walled city” competition, in which she obtains the Absolute First Prize and, in the same year, the sixth edition of the Giuseppe Martucci International Prize, in which she obtains the “Folco Perrino “.

She teaches piano at the “A. Pozzi ”of Corsico and the Civic“ Bill Evans ”of Settimo Milanese.

Matteo Savio was born in 1996, he began his studies in 2010 at the “G. Verdi “in Milan with Andrea Pestalozza. In 2013 he studied with Andrea Dulbecco, approaching improvisation and jazz. He has won several awards within the Conservatory, including, in 2018, the first prize in the keyboard and percussion category.

In 2018 he was selected for the Erasmus competition and entered the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris, perfecting himself under the guidance of internationally renowned musicians. In 2019 he obtained the three-year degree with a grade of 110 cum laude with mention assigned for artistic merit at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

He has collaborated with various musical groups, such as Zaum percussion, Divertimento Ensemble, Sentieri Selvaggi, mdi ensemble, La FIL, La Verdi, Milano Classica, Orchestra Cantelli, Giovine Orchestra Genovese and with festivals such as the Ravenna Festival, Baveno festival, Traiettorie festival, the Society of the Quartet and Milano Musica.

Filippo Capretti was born in Brescia in 1999, he began his training in the musical academy of the Banda di Rezzato under the guidance of M. Davide Sottini. He immediately joined the staff of the municipal band of Rezzato directed by M ° Umberto Antonelli, attended the middle school with a musical address in Rezzato, and then enrolled, and graduated with full marks in percussion instruments with M. Alberto Pezzagno in the 2017/2018 school year, at the Veronica Gambara high school in Brescia.

He is actively interested in various musical projects ranging from classical music to samba, from marching bands to rock groups. He teaches at band academies in the province of Brescia. He collaborated on a music therapy project with the neurology department of the Requiedei Hospital in Gussago.