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Italian Mysteries - The new IIC Book Club series starts with Italian crime novels



Italian Mysteries - The new IIC Book Club series starts with Italian crime novels

Reading has the power to carry us back to places we know or forward to those we can only dream of. Join the IIC Book Club and travel to Italy each month, on the words of some of Italy’s most popular writers.

This year the IIC Book Club will be dedicated to Italian crime novels and will guide you through 5 novels from the North to the South of Italy. We will be reading the books in English.

Click here to read the summary of the 5 books

Facilitator: Kylie Doust (PhD Candidate in Italian Studies at La Trobe University) - she lived in Italy for 18 years where she worked in publishing. She will bring her passion for Italian fiction and knowledge of Italy to the book club sessions.

Click here to download the complete program of the series.


*Final meeting in November with "Involuntary Witness" by Gianrico Carofiglio

In "Involuntary Witness" a nine-year-old boy is found murdered at the bottom of a well near a popular beach resort in southern Italy. In what looks like a hopeless case for Guido Guerrieri, counsel for the defence, a Senegalese peddler is accused of the crime. Faced with small town racism fuelled by the recent immigration from Africa, Guido attempts to exploit the esoteric workings of the Italian courts.


When and where will it be held?

Choose between a Wednesday evening series or the Thursday afternoon sessions:

Wednesday from 7pm to 8.30pm (including a glass of wine and a savoury snack)

25 July

29 August

26 September

24 October

28 November*


Thursday from 1pm to 2.30pm (including tea or coffee and biscotti)

26 July

30 August

27 September

25 October

29 November*


How much does it cost?

$70 for the whole series (Non-members)

$50 for the whole series (IIC members)

$20 for a single session (Non-members)

$15 for a single session (IIC members)

How do I book?

To sign up for the book club, send an email to:

What about the books?

Most of the books can be borrowed from your local city library, but if you prefer to own them, once you have joined you can contact the Institute to acquire the complete set of books. They are also available online as e-books.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for assistance.


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