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Chris Jarrett meets Luca Ciarla

Compositore e pianista di fama mondiale, Chris Jarrett si esibisce con il mago del violino Luca Ciarla

Internationally acclaimed composer and pianist Chris Jarrett meets up with worldwide busy improviser and magician of the violin Luca Ciarla for a unique duo along the borders of contemporary music and jazz.

Luca Ciarla’s spritelike playing and the quick-fingered expressivity of Chris Jarrett’s improvisations met, hugged, collided; sometimes following parallel paths and other times going in different directions only to meet at the common goal. A fascinating blend of the accessible and the challenging with a magnetic musical appeal.

Together Luca Ciarla and Chris Jarrett bring a wealth of musical knowledge and talent from the wide spectrum of jazz, classical, opera, chamber, folk and contemporary to present original compositions in the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.Free double passes offered to IIC Members!

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