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Standard courses




Level A1  Discovery Level | Full description >
Designed for students who have no previous knowledge of the language. At the end, students will be able to communicate in basic everyday situations, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

Level A2 Waystage Level  | Full description >
Designed for students who have a basic knowledge of Italian, allowing them to increase their communication abilities and to expand basic vocabulary and grammar.


Level B1 Threshold LevelFull description >
Aimed at strengthening comprehension, communication, reading and writing skills, with more challenging grammar, through the use of authentic material.

Level B2 Vantage Level Full description >
Designed for those who want to develop complex grammatical structures and enrich their vocabulary, improving their fluency.


Level C1 Effectiveness LevelFull description >
An advanced course exploring different aspects of the Italian language, such as history, art, traditions & current affairs.

Level C2 Full description >
A master course for who understands with ease virtually everything heard or read.